Completion of Title Review and Appraisal Mapping Almost Complete!

The long process of reviewing maps, files, and title reports for the 47 parcels that make up the Greenway to ensure clean title and an accurate map for appraising the property is nearly over. The completed title reports and the appraisal map were submitted to Caltrans by the City of Santa Rosa in late 2021, and they have completed their review and responded with questions and issues for discussion.

A meeting between Caltrans, the City of Santa Rosa, the surveyors, Sonoma Water, and the Campaign is being arranged for February. Most of the Caltrans comments address documenting the details of the surveying and mapping process and how information is shown on the maps.  Key issues that must be resolved by the process include determining the exact boundaries for: the right-of-way that will be retained by Caltrans along the freeway on-ramp; the right-of-way of the City streets crossing the Greenway; and the three areas zoned for residential or mixed-use development.

With a finalized map in hand, we will be well prepared to initiate the required property appraisals and then negotiate a purchase price for the property.