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For additional information about the Southeast Greenway plans, visit the City’s Southeast Greenway Project site.

City General Plan and Zoning – 2019

In July 2019 the Santa Rosa City Council approved a General Plan Amendment and zoning change for the entire 57-acre Southeast Greenway property, concluding the three-year community planning process highlighted in ABOUT US / Timeline.  The “Southeast Greenway Illustrative Map” below was added to the General Plan, showing the “Preferred Land Use and Circulation Alternative” that resulted from the public workshops and review by the Planning Commission and City Council.

This map outlines the uses and standards for the area and provides guidance for future detailed park planning, specific development, and project-level environmental review. The planned uses, General Plan amendment, and zoning changes are described further in “2019 General Plan and Zoning Changes Detail“.

Find the complete Southeast Greenway General Plan Amendment and Rezoning (Draft EIR) document at:

Southeast Greenway Existing Conditions, Opportunities, and Constraints – 2015

The development of the EIR and proposals for the City General Plan and rezoning project was accompanied by the preparation of a report entitled “SOUTHEAST GREENWAY EXISTING CONDITIONS, OPPORTUNITIES, AND CONSTRAINTS”.   Completed by City staff in September 2015, this report describes the historical background of the 57-acre Greenway property and provides information on the existing setting that might affect the future use of the property.  Much of the information is shown on excellent large-scale sectional maps.

The report is at:

Additional background information is at:—Appendix