Greenway Facts

In 2014, the City of Santa Rosa, Sonoma County Water Agency, Sonoma County Regional Parks, LandPaths, Sonoma Land Trust and the Southeast Greenway Campaign formed a Greenway Partnership with the intention of acquiring, planning, developing and maintaining the SE Greenway.


Our Greenway Partners: A Community Public Private Partnership

Sonoma Land Trust is a non-profit organization that conserves scenic, natural, agricultural and open land for the future of Sonoma County. They have protected over 50,000 acres of land in Sonoma County over the past 40 years. The Land Trust plans to bring their expertise and experience with the land acquisition process, negotiations, fundraising and planning to the community partnership.

Sonoma Water (SCWA) plans to take title to the Greenway Property between Summerfield Road and Spring Lake Regional Park. They plan on entering into an agreement with the Regional Parks Department to manage and operate this section of the Greenway. The Water Agency is interested in securing an easement and using a portion of the Property for a possible future water pipeline, and intends to negotiate and coordinate with the City regarding the placement of the pipeline. The Water Agency works to secure our future by investing in our water resources, environment, and community.

Sonoma County Regional Parks plans to operate and manage the portion of the property between Summerfield Road and Spring Lake Regional Park, providing day-to-day oversight and maintenance. Regional Parks also will provide consultation and support as the property is acquired, planned, and developed. Regional Parks manages more than 50 parks, trails, beaches, and outdoor facilities throughout Sonoma County.

The City of Santa Rosa plans to take title to portions of the Greenway property between Farmers Lane and Summerfield Road for use as future park and trail land.  The City intends to operate and manage this portion of the Property with the support from LandPaths, Sonoma Land Trust, and community members who may provide volunteers for stewardship, outdoor education, day-to-day oversight and maintenance. The City also plans to coordinate with Sonoma Water regarding the location of an easement for a future water pipeline on the Property.

Landpaths OptLandPaths is a nonprofit community organization that has been fostering a love of the land for 25 years in Sonoma County by rooting youth in nature, branching out conservation for everyone, and growing community with nature. LandPaths intends to enter into an agreement with the City of Santa Rosa to engage the community with the Greenway, promoting volunteer stewardship, environmental education, and providing support for people-powered management of the property.