Southeast Greenway Brochure


Campaign Mission

Started in 2009, the Southeast Greenway Campaign is a community effort to transform the vacant two-mile corridor of open space connecting Spring Lake Park and Farmers Lane into a vibrant urban greenway for all.


Our Values

The Campaign is committed to shaping the Southeast Greenway based on principles of sustainability: respect for the environment, economic vitality, social equity, inclusion, and community engagement.

We are grateful to the indigenous peoples of this land and honor them as the original land stewards.

Our Vision

The Santa Rosa Southeast Greenway initiative will transform a two-mile vacant corridor (the former Highway 12 Right-of-Way) into a new, 47-acre urban greenway, park, and open space in the largest city in Sonoma County.  Providing amenities for all, the Greenway can become the City’s own “Central Park,” with paths for cyclists and pedestrians, picnic areas, community gardens, pocket parks, art displays, and new opportunities for outdoor play and education. It will serve as a strategic link in our regional non-motorized transportation system, connecting Spring Lake Park with Sonoma Valley to the east and to SMART, downtown, and to the Prince Memorial Greenway and West County trails.

The Southeast Greenway Campaign envisions the Greenway as a valuable community, regional, and economic asset that will include:

  • Separated trails for walking and bicycling
  • Parks and places to picnic and play
  • Open spaces with restored natural habitat
  • Community gardens and art
  • Educational opportunities for children and youth

Our vision and strong support by the City of Santa Rosa and our other Greenway Partners led to a community planning process that developed the General Plan Amendment based on the land use concept plan shown under “Greenway Maps” on this site and at the City of Santa Rosa’s Southeast Greenway Project site: