Faithful Donor Support Essential to Achieving the Greenway Vision 

As we celebrate Earth Day this month, we appreciate our faithful donors whose support is essential to achieving our Greenway vision.

The Southeast Greenway Campaign has been the recipient of your generosity for so many years now. It all began in 2009 with a check for $25 from a supporter who asked if it was tax deductible. We didn’t have a way to cash the check, and much less, we didn’t have the expertise to help with the IRS!

Our dilemma was solved when the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy agreed to be our fiscal sponsor. As we grew over the years, so did our financial assets and necessities, so in 2015 the Sonoma Land Trust stepped in as our new fiscal sponsor and we have been partners ever since. Today, we celebrate that relationship as both organizations work to make parklands, open space, and climate adaptation a reality.

It has truly been an act of faith that made so many donate each year. Donors of time and money not only believed in the vision of a greenway but also believed in us – the Greenway Campaign. Other than hiring a few consultants over the years, we continue to be an all-volunteer organization. This has allowed us to put your essential dollars to work, making the community’s dream come true. This year the Greenway will finally be purchased and designated as parkland forever.

Philanthropy is a unique act; we give for many reasons. Perhaps you want a safe bike path, support a Campaign friend, or think a freeway is a bad idea. Whatever the reason, these selfless acts of giving enable the land to be preserved as public land in perpetuity. This is why we give. Thank you for your support.