Campaign Treasurer and Outdoor Enthusiast Jim McAdler Shares Favorite Hikes

Trione-Annadel State Park is vast, almost 5,100 acres in size, but right in our backyard. There are many great hikes in the park through oak woodlands, stands of Douglas fir, boundless meadows, and wildlife habitat. One such hike is a 4.6-mile loop on the Cobblestone and Orchard Trails.

Cobblestone Trail begins at the free parking lot on Channel Drive. The trail is also accessible from Spring Lake Park, either by the trail at the end of Violetti Road or by the unmarked Frog Pond Trail.

The first leg of the hiking loop is a steep climb. After reaching Frog Pond Meadow, the climb up Cobblestone becomes easier, just as beautiful views open of Adobe Rock, Hood Mountain and Sonoma Valley. As Cobblestone meanders south, the Santa Rosa Plain comes into full view, with Taylor Mountain in the distance.

Cobblestone ends at Rough Go Trail, where the route turns left and ascends Rough Go to the Orchard Trail junction, about .2 mile.

Orchard Trail wanders along the east side of the mountain ridge with spectacular views of False Lake Meadow. Here, traffic noise is non-existent, and the sounds of nature abound. Orchard Trail loops back to Cobblestone Trail, and the descent begins back to the trailhead. What goes up must come down, but the physical effort of this hiking loop is worth it. Enjoy!