Greenway Facts

When completed, a two-mile-long Class 1 bicycle path will run through the Greenway. The path will provide a key link in our County’s trail network, connecting with Sonoma Valley trails to the east, SMART and its associated trails north and south, the Prince Memorial Greenway and West County trails reaching all the way to Forestville.


A Major Success!

City Council Hearing

The Southeast Greenway Project has taken a giant step forward. At its meeting on Tuesday, July 9, the Santa Rosa City Council voted unanimously to certify the Environmental Impact Report and approve the General Plan Amendment and Rezoning for the Santa Rosa Southeast Greenway. The City Council approvals will allow the project to move to the next phase – appraisal of the property followed by negotiations for its purchase from Caltrans.

Following the public comment period, Mayor Tom Schwedhelm held up this accomplishment, saying, “The folks that have just been staying along with this. It’s really inspirational, not just for this community, but for other communities to look at. How did Santa Rosa figure out how to make this work? It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity”.

The total project that the Council approved encompasses 57 acres. A 47-acre Greenway will include land for open space, environmental restoration, community gardens, walking paths and a bike path that will link Farmers Lane to Spring Lake Park. The City of Santa Rosa will own and manage the area from Hoen Ave. near Montgomery High to Summerfield Rd. Spring Lake Regional Park will be expanded to include 16+ acres that stretch from the current park boundary to Summerfield Rd. Ten acres of additional land are set aside for housing and mixed-use development.

Specific information on the SE Greenway Project and a project map can be found on the City’s website at

A Bold Fundraising Goal!

The Greenway Campaign and our Partners have secured $1.285 million in grants and $150K in donations from community members to purchase the Greenway property. This year we have set the ambitious goal of raising an additional $100,000 for the Southeast Greenway Acquisition Fund, bringing the contributions of individual donors to $250,000 – a strong demonstration of community support! Help us reach this bold goal by making a special gift. Together we can do it! |  Donate

Next Chapter for the SE Greenway

Final Preferred Land Use and Circulation Alternative Map, City of Santa Rosa

On July 9, 2019, the Santa Rosa City Council adopted the General Plan Amendment, Environmental Impact Report and Rezoning Plan for the 57-acre SE Greenway property, dedicating 47 acres to open space and parkland and 10 acres to housing. Caltrans would like to sell the property to the City of Santa Rosa, and so our Greenway Partners – Sonoma Land Trust, City of Santa Rosa, and Sonoma Water – have formed an Acquisition Team to work with Caltrans to prepare for a sale of the property sometime in 2020.

Like any land purchase, the first step is to agree on a price. What makes the SE Greenway complicated is that there are two very different values: what is the land zoned for housing worth on the market, and how much should the Greenway Partners pay for the portion that will become parkland?

The first step is to create an appraisal map. What’s an appraisal map? Members of our Acquisition Team describe it this way: “The Hwy 12 right of way was obtained by Caltrans over many years, and there are over 50 separate parcels of land that make up the SE Greenway. The appraisal map will consist of a depiction of these parcels, configured into tracts of land that represent the zoning designations adopted by the City under the General Plan. The appraisers we hire will use the map to determine which tracts of land should be valued for housing, and which should be valued for parkland/greenway. Additionally, the map will draw boundaries between the uses and show existing easements and encumbrances that may affect the property’s value.”

The Acquisition Team is in the process of obtaining information from Caltrans so that they can begin to compile legal descriptions of each parcel, and hire appraisers approved by Caltrans. We will keep you posted as the Acquisitions Team moves forward.